We love Hamilton because it is inclusive, reflective, open and friendly. It’s a church where we feel accepted and loved, where we are challenged to think broadly, and encouraged to see our communities, our families and our world better reflect the way of Jesus.

Naomi & Gershon

We feel so blessed to be wholly engaged with a community who knows us completely, loves us fully and nurtures our relationship with Christ. Our lives are so much richer for being connected to our church.

Phil & Stu


Jesus Focussed

We seek to be a community that is shaped by Jesus Christ. In the life of Jesus we see a model for living. In the teaching of Jesus we find wisdom and direction for our lives. In the death of Jesus we see a God who suffers with us. In the resurrection of Jesus we see a sign that God is with us and hope that our lives and world can be transformed for the better.

Committed to Love

We seek to be a community in which people matter more than dogma or institution. We aim to value each other, celebrate each other’s joys, care for one another in difficult times, and spur one another on to be the people we were created to be.

Diverse & Inclusive

We seek to be a community that embraces diversity in age, gender, sexuality, culture, and social status. Our congregation includes young and old, straight and gay, abled and disabled, and people of Anglo, Asian, and other backgrounds, each contributing uniquely to our community life.

Gracefully Present

We seek to be a community that communicates grace, love, peace and hope to our world. We pursue justice for those who are disadvantaged, exploited or marginalised; seek to value the earth and its creatures; and aim to point people to the possibilities of faith.
We meet Sundays
at Hamilton Baptist Church
108 Lindsay St Hamilton
NSW, Australia