HBC has an annual expenditure of around $170,000. This pays for things such as staff; ministry costs; insurances; maintenance & repairs; electricity; property expenses, etc.

Our income comes from 2 main areas: (1)  rental income (around 30% of our income) – we rent part of our church property to Hamilton Community Preschool, and own a house adajcent to our church property that we also rent out; and (2) donations from congregation members (around 60% of our income).

We  encourage all those who consider HBC their home church to contribute as they can to funding our work.

You can give by direct transfer (either as a one-off donation or an ongoing donation).

If you have any questions or would like further information please speak to Pastor Andrew Dodd or our Church Administrator Rick Middleton.


HBC’s account details are:

Hamilton Baptist Church
BSB 704 922 (Baptist Financial Services)
Account Number 100016460