Teaching Team

Hamilton Baptist church uses a range of preachers and teaching modes.  We like to hear from a variety of people and genders and often use panels, Q&A, dramatisation and have facilitated discussion to explore what God is saying to us from the Bible and from each other in culturally relevant and meaningful ways.  We tend not to have a so-called expert out the front telling people what to do from the Bible – yet all our teachers bring gifts, training and life experience to the important role of placing God’s word in our midst for us to discern how we should live in faith and practice.  At various times other congregation members or people from outside the church are panel members sharing from their professional life and life experiences.  We are also prepared to tackle complex and controversial social justice issues such as modern slavery, domestic violence, refugees and sexuality. While none of our teaching team are locked into one delivery mode, each have their distinctives.
Andrew has developed a creative dramatisation method where the context of a bible story or passage is presented and he then presents the story in memorised dramatised fashion, and invites the congregation to enter into, engage with and respond to the story in new and fresh ways.  Congregation members are invited to contribute to this process and often we get insights from unlikely sources (verbal participation in the facilitated discussion is voluntary – no pressure is applied to people to respond verbally!).

Scott is gifted in leading the congregation in thinking through theological, ethical and social justice issues and brings clarity and new perspectives. You might like to check out his blog scottjhiggins.com

Naomi and Gersh often tag team on relevant issues and present different aspects of a topic which creates questions for the congregation to then work through.