Church Directory Details

To add your details to church directory fill out the form below.

The first section of the form asks for your name and your permissions to submit information  about your household. All fields in this section require a response.

The second section of the form asks for your household details. Household name is the only required field.

The third section of the form asks for family member details. You can include details for up to six family members. If there are only two people in your household fill in  the first two family member sections and leave the rest blank. Only enter data for those fields that you want included in the directory. For example, if you do not want to include birthdays simply leave this field blank.

Please note that:

1. We will not include the email addresses or phone numbers of children under the age of 18 in the church directory;

2. We will not include birthdays in the church directory. Date of birth details enable us to identify who is 18 years or older and may also be used by our pastoral care team to wish you a happy birthday;

3. The church directory will be available only to Church members who have registered for the site and are logged in.

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